The student television station of Providence College

The Entertainment Department strives to create a variety of exciting and creative videos. The fun, flexible, and cutting edge nature of the department allows for members to express their creativity in a collaborative atmosphere. Club members drive brainstorming sessions and then collectively select the best idea to produce. Our video content covers most film genres, but is often focused on humor. Depending on the time of year, some videos focus on a theme or a holiday. The department is always evolving and adapting as it is focused around the creative minds of its members.

    Play The Final Week (Short Film)

    The Final Week (Short Film)

    “It’s not the end of the world; it’s just finals week.” Sometimes, college can feel like a survival story. Join the Entertainment Department on a journey through post-apocalyptic anarchy in this entry to the Providence College Student Film Festival (2018).

    Play RES life in REAL life

    RES life in REAL life

    What if the PC Dorms came to life? This is our take on the shenanigans that would ensue.

    Students Involved in the making of this video:

    Professor- Chris Manettas, St. Joe’s- Joe Ahart, Guzman- Matt Calogero, Ray- Leah Lamorte, McVinney- Molly Helms, McDermott- John Chatfield, Meagher- Christine Ballou, Aquinas- Tim Bell, Vineyard Haven Boys- Trapper Phillips, Justin Gallo, Gerado Davila, Abdel Zadieyh, Fennell- Griff Massey

    Special Thanks to Alex Poch for filming