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The Sports Department brings you a deeper look into Friars Athletics as well as the active student body that we have here in Friartown. In Friartown, athletics are a major part of our everyday lives. Whether it be playing a varsity sport or showing off whatever athletic skills you may (or may not) have in intramurals, the Sports Department is here to savor it all. From player profiles, around the conference updates, to intramural game recaps, the Sports Department is open to highlight all the athletic talent in Friartown and in collegiate sports in general. But let’s be real- no one has better athletics than us. Go Friars!

    Play Club Sports Player of the Month: April

    Club Sports Player of the Month: April

    Congratulations to Shea Hassett for being April’s Player of the Month! Shea exemplifies the best sportsmanship and energy on and off the field. She has proven to be a force on the women’s club lacrosse team as well as a strong leader. Our coach always makes it a point to “Be a Shea,” meaning work harder than every other kid out there and have a positive, enthusiastic attitude in every possible scenario.

    Play Club Sports Player of the Month

    Club Sports Player of the Month

    Tunde Johnson has been part of the “Tight 5” on the Providence College Women’s Rugby Team since her sophomore year of college. Quick little Rugby lesson: The fifteen players on the field are separated into Backs and Forwards. The Back line usually makes the longer runs while the Forwards participate in the Scrum and make the shorter runs, as well as most tackles. She has adapted herself to adopt a “Forward” mindset, never looking for rest on the field or a reason to give up. Coaches from opposing teams have continuously praised the team for the athleticism of the Forwards. Tunde is a major part of that as you can see her periodically sprinting down the length of the field stealing yards with ease and commanding others out of her way. The middle of the Fall season her Senior Year, Tunde hyperextended her Achilles the last half of the game. Without feeling the pain of the injury, she taped up her cleat and went back on the field. As the girls took home a win, the “Tight 5” lost a vital member. Not only did Tunde continue to attend every single practice (even in the least ideal conditions) her strength would still be felt on the field as she boosted morale from the sidelines. Women’s Rugby at Providence College has recently had trouble enlarging the team. This hasn’t hindered Tunde from giving the team her all she can in her last year, especially when she wasn’t able to physically be there on the field. In the midst of Physical Training, Tunde has strengthened her Achilles and will be playing in all Tournaments this Spring season. A true leader knows when to follow, when to adapt, and knows when their team needs them most. Tunde has paved the way for the future of Women’s Rugby here at PC. She is a true leader.

    Play Road to the Shirt: Episode Three

    Road to the Shirt: Episode Three

    It’s championship season in Friartown! This episode features the flag football championships from all three divisions. Can Brady’s Ladies upset the undefeated Blackpack? Can Team 4 finish the season without a loss? Can Mel Kiper’s Best Available contend with the St. Joe’s Senders? Find out now!

    Play Road to the Shirt: Episode Two

    Road to the Shirt: Episode Two

    Road to the Shirt returns with some high quality flag football action! First, two of the best teams in women’s flag football square off. Next, there’s a high flying matchup in the freshman league. Catch our next episode to see the flag football championships!